Curve Therapeutics

Next-generation functional drug discovery platform

Curve has developed a drug discovery platform to address the most challenging and complex disease targets. The company’s innovative technology allows high-throughput functional screening of a proprietary DNA-encoded (Microcycle®) library inside mammalian cells.

Curve is using this platform to develop a pipeline of first-in-class small-molecule therapeutics against challenging cancer targets, including intracellular protein-protein interactions and pioneer factors.

CEO  Simon Kerry

Advent Contact  Simon Kerry  I  Shahzad Malik

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16 February 2022 in Curve Therapeutics, Press Release, Private Companies

Curve Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with MSD for Next Generation Drug Discovery Platform

Press Release.   Curve’s innovative mammalian cell drug discovery platform to enable identification and optimisation of novel small molecule drug candidates against MSD targets Potentially game-changing platform enables direct discovery…
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