Advent Life Sciences is one of the leading trans-Atlantic venture investors focused on building innovative Life Sciences businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA. We are a highly experienced team with a long-standing track record of entrepreneurial and investment success through turning break-through science into approved medicines or medical products.

We start and invest in early and mid-stage companies with a first-in-class or best-in-class approach. Our investments are focussed in new drug discovery - small molecules, biologics and new modalities - med tech, enabling technologies and vaccines.

As entrepreneurs and experienced, pragmatic investors, we bring the intellectual capital of our well connected team to support each investment. We work in close alignment with our management teams, and partner with them to realise their vision - achieving superior financial returns by bringing innovation to patients.

The companies in which we have invested since the year 2006 have discovered and developed, fourteen approved medicines and products - to the benefit of patients, physicians and our investors.

Advent Life Sciences. Innovation. Clarity. Execution.