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Investment Approach.

The journey from innovative science to an approved medicine or product is long, difficult, complex and often fraught – we understand. We really do. Between us, our team has taken that journey many times, several of us more than once.

Our hands-on approach to investing and company building focuses on:


Understanding the true essence of the innovation and product concept


its competitive relevance in an evolving environment, and the most meaningful value-creation steps along the way


working in open communication with founders and executives, sharing our diligence and our team’s insights, to refine their business and operating plans


and, together, agreeing the scientific and clinical approach, the matching operating plan, team development, syndication, and financing strategy – the five key elements to building a great biotech company.

Once we are committed to a company, a founder or a team, we pride ourselves on being loyal and pragmatic partners along the company’s journey – constructively critical whilst being patient, supportive and aligned in our aims.


We are backing exceptional innovation early.

Since the year 2006, Advent-backed companies have brought fifteen innovative medicines and products to approval with our initial investment often being as early as Seed stage or Series A.

As the mid- and late-stage clinical pipelines of our portfolio companies continue to grow, this number looks set to increase each year.



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