Shahzad Malik

General Partner

Shahzad joined Advent in 1999 with a strong background in science, clinical medicine, and international finance.

He gained an MA in Physiological Sciences from Oxford University and an MD from Cambridge University, after which he specialised in interventional cardiology while also pursuing clinical and fundamental scientific research in heart muscle disorders.

Since joining Advent, Shahzad has been actively involved in over 30 portfolio companies in Europe and the USA in all sectors of Life Sciences, including Algeta, Respivert, Micromet, Biocartis, CardiAQ, Axonics Modulation Technologies, and MiroBio.

Shahzad currently serves on the Board of several portfolio Companies, including Orphalan, Moximed, Curve Therapeutics, and Proximie.

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Assistant  Manon Madoc-Jones
+44 (0)20 7932 2147