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PIC Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Katherine Bowdish as Chief Executive Officer

By 12 August 2020January 17th, 2023No Comments
Press Release.


NATICK, MA – August 12, 2020 – PIC Therapeutics (“PIC”), a biotechnology company
focused on transforming the treatment of cancer through the selective modulation of
oncogene translation, today announced the appointment of Katherine Bowdish, Ph.D.,
as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Bowdish will also join the Board of
Directors of PIC.

Dr. Bowdish brings more than 20 years of biopharmaceutical business and scientific
leadership to PIC Therapeutics. Kathy was most recently at Sanofi, where she
launched and led Sanofi Sunrise, a venture investment and partnering vehicle to
accelerate early stage pioneering science for patients benefit through unique
relationships with leading entrepreneurs, and more recently served as Vice President
and Head of R&D Strategy. Prior to her leadership roles at Sanofi, Kathy co-founded or
led several early-stage life science companies focused on biological therapies.
Kathy’s positions include President & CSO, Permeon Biologics; Co-founder, President
& CEO, Anaphore; President, Alexion Antibody Technologies and Senior Vice
President, Alexion Pharmaceuticals; and Founder, CEO & CSO, Prolifaron, prior to its
acquisition by Alexion.

Kathy has served on the Boards of Directors of MyoKardia, Warp Drive Bio, Portal
Instruments, Thermalin, Permeon Biologics, Anaphore and Prolifaron, and most
recently served as an Observer on the DiCE Molecules Board. Kathy received her
Ph.D. in molecular genetics from Columbia University College of Physicians and
Surgeons, and her B.Sc. degree from the College of William and Mary.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Bowdish joining PIC as CEO. Her proven strategic leadership
and investment experience will be vital to realizing the full potential of PIC’s scientific
platform as it advances PIC’s drug candidates toward human clinical studies,” stated PIC
Therapeutics’ Executive Chairman, Alan Walts. “Kathy additionally has deep experience
in developing the kind of innovative strategic partnerships that will be a critical part of
PIC’s success.”

“The promise of addressing broad-based genomic anomalies in cancer through
modulating translation of oncogene RNA provides a unique opportunity to create
impactful new therapies for patients with cancer,” said Dr. Bowdish. “I am excited to be
joining the PIC Therapeutics team and look forward to leading the company as we
advance drug candidates through remaining preclinical and translational studies, and
into the clinic for patients in need.”

About PIC Therapeutics

PIC Therapeutics is a Natick, MA-based biotechnology company focused on
fundamentally changing how we treat cancer by developing a new generation of
therapeutics based on the modulation of RNA translation. PIC’s therapeutics target the
“master switch” of cancer signaling pathways, selectively blocking oncogene protein
production by modulating the Pre-Initiation Complex (PIC) that drives their mRNA
translation. PIC Therapeutics’ selective approach has the potential to simultaneously
modulate multiple oncogenic drivers leading to a powerful new generation of cancertreating
therapeutics that address drug resistance and tumor heterogeneity, issues that
plague many existing treatments. For more information visit

PIC is guided by a dedication to improving cancer patient outcomes and to realizing the
potential of our technology to their benefit.

Kathy Bowdish
(617) 528-8715