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CellnovoPress Release

Frost & Sullivan has announced Cellnovo the winner of its 2011 European Technology Innovation Award in Diabetes Care

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Press Release.


LONDON, UK – October 4, 2011 – Frost & Sullivan has announced Cellnovo
the winner of its 2011 European Technology Innovation Award in Diabetes Care. Cellnovo, a UK-based company, is pioneering the use of mobile technology for easier, more effective diabetes management.

The Cellnovo diabetes management system integrates an insulin patch pump with a mobile touch screen handset that monitors blood glucose and activity levels. This information is then wirelessly transmitted to a secure site that performs analysis for patients and caregivers to use.

“We are extremely proud to win this prestigious award,”

says William McKeon, Chief Executive Officer of Cellnovo.

“It not only acknowledges our visionary use of technology, but,more importantly, the value it delivers to people with diabetes, clinicians and payers.”

“The Cellnovo solution can help patients control their diabetes more effectively,”

says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Arjunvasan Ambigapathy.

“Physicians can access in-depth data on each patient, reviewing data trends for valuable insights on aberrant readings. Such tools offer the flexibility of managing increasing patient loads in a shorter time span and at lower costs.”

“The Frost & Sullivan award recognizes Cellnovo’s position as a leading medical technology innovator at the forefront of the convergence of medical devices, IT and mobile connectivity,”

says John E. Milad, Investment Manager at NBGI Ventures.

“The award reflects the exciting potential of the Cellnovo system to provide a paradigm shift in the management of diabetes,thereby empowering patients, their families and clinicians.”

Cellnovo has harnessed the power of technology to make insulin therapy more convenient and accurate than ever before. Continuous mobile connectivity provides as much or as little data as the physician or caregiver needs. For example, it is expected that parents of children with newly diagnosed diabetes will initially use the web and text-based system extensively as they learn to manage the disease. Once parents’ confidence and knowledge increases, they will most likely transition to more casual monitoring.

Unlike traditional devices, the Cellnovo system is future-proofed by the ability to install new apps and system updates through an SD card integrated with the handset. This approach means that patients with the Cellnovo system will have the ability to keep their system updated with the latest innovations.

About the Frost & Sullivan European Technology Innovation Award
The Frost & Sullivan European Technology Innovation Award is presented to the company that has excelled in the following criteria: uniqueness of technology, impact on new products/applications, impact on customer value, and relevance of innovation to industry.

About Cellnovo
Cellnovo, an innovative UK-based mobile health company, is committed to bringing greater freedom and ease-of-use to people living with diabetes. The company has developed the industry’s first mobile diabetes management system, which includes a patch pump, a mobile handset with a built-in blood glucose monitor, and an extendable applications set. For more
information, please visit