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CellnovoPress Release

Cellnovo forms worldwide technology alliance with LifeScan

By 13 September 2011January 6th, 2023No Comments
Press Release.


LONDON, UK – September 13, 2011 – Cellnovo, developer of the first mobile diabetes management system, today announced a technology alliance with LifeScan, Inc. that will bring new portability and control to diabetes patients worldwide.

Under the global agreement, Cellnovo will integrate LifeScan’s blood glucose monitoring technologies into the handset of its mobile diabetes management system. The Cellnovo system, the first of its kind, consists of an insulin patch pump and a touch screen handset that wirelessly transmits real-time data to a secure portal for patients and healthcare providers to use.

“We wanted superb blood glucose monitoring technology inside our mobile handset and LifeScan is a market leader,”

said William McKeon, Chief Executive Officer of Cellnovo.

“Through our partnership with LifeScan, our combined technologies will advance care through connectivity.”

With Cellnovo, diabetes therapies can now be managed with a system that is mobile,
compact, highly accurate and intuitive. In addition, a real-time data tracking and reporting feature means that patients no longer have the burden of keeping meticulous journals – the process is entirely automated for them.

“Cellnovo has the potential to break new ground in bringing the first mobile diabetes management system to market,”

said Dr. David Kerr, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist at the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre.

“It is clear that new technologies for diabetes care, such as Cellnovo’s mobile health solution, are going to forever change the way we practice medicine and more effectively manage diabetes long into the future.”


About Cellnovo
Cellnovo, an innovative UK-based mobile health company, is committed to bringing greater freedom and ease-of-use to people living with diabetes. The company has developed the industry’s first mobile diabetes management system, which includes a patch pump, a mobile handset with a built-in blood glucose monitor, and an extendable applications set.