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Privately held CardiacAssist reports record revenues for nine-month financial results

By CardiacAssist, Press Release
Press Release.


Company’s TandemHeart(R) extracorporeal circulatory support device continues to gain traction among cardiologists and cardiac surgeons


Privately held CardiacAssist Inc. announced today nine-month financial results for 2009. TandemHeart System revenues were at new record levels compared to results for the same period in 2008.

FDA-cleared and CE-Marked TandemHeart can be placed rapidly by both interventional cardiologists in a cath lab and by cardiac surgeons in an operating room to provide short-term circulatory support to patients requiring additional cardiac assistance. The device provides effective and reliable temporary circulatory support for critically ill patients. Hemodynamic support includes a high net blood-flow rate of up to five liters per minute in the catheterization lab or up to eight liters per minute in the OR — more than twice the amount of competing technologies — and is fully reimbursed by Medicare under existing DRG codes.

“We continue to grow our Company’s TandemHeart revenues because customers are able to see right through the ‘myths’ spread by our main competition,”

said Michael Garippa, CEO and President.

“Indeed, our record-setting revenues for the nine months of 2009 bear strong witness to the indisputable fact that TandemHeart represents a breakthrough model for treating cardiac patients quickly and aggressively.

“For example, one myth is that the Impella 2.5 can support patients in cardiogenic shock with 2.5 liters per minute of blood flow. This is not true. Patients in profound cardiogenic shock often have heightened vascular resistance, thus limiting the flow provided by any device by 50 percent or more. Consequently, the Impella 2.5 would provide less than 1.0 liter per minute of blood flow to patients in cardiogenic shock, which is not enough to sustain such very sick patients,”

said Garippa.

“There also have been claims that the Impella 2.5 completely unloads the left ventricle. Actually, published data has shown the contrary.

“Furthermore,” added Garippa, “the Impella 5.0 cannot be inserted percutaneously in the overwhelming majority of the population. The 5.0’s 21-French catheter cannot be placed in an artery–the artery simply cannot be dilated to accept a sheath of that size, and surgical placement is the most likely option.

“These are just some of the reasons why we remain confident that TandemHeart is destined to become standard of care in extracorporeal circulatory support,”

Garippa concluded.


About CardiacAssist

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, privately held CardiacAssist is a growing and profitable medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets cardiac assist devices. The Company has developed the world’s first and only proprietary platform, FDA-cleared and CE-Marked TandemHeart(R)–which provides a short-term extracorporeal circulatory support system for both cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

CardiacAssist, Inc. Announces 1000th TandemHeart System Procedure

By CardiacAssist, Press Release
Press Release.


PITTSBURGH, July 18: CardiacAssist, Inc, a Pittsburgh-based medical device company has announced a new milestone with the completion of the 1000th worldwide procedure utilizing the TandemHeart System. The TandemHeart is used in all top 20 heart and heart surgery hospitals, as ranked by the U.S. News and World Report and is in use at 120 facilities worldwide.

An emergency case performed at Texas Heart Institute helped CardiacAssist push past the 1000th procedure mark. Centers performing cases within several days of the 1000th case include: Texas Heart Institute in Houston, TX; Lenox Hill Hospital, in New York, NY; New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York, NY; and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.

The TandemHeart System is an extracorporeal circulatory support system that provides systematic extracorporeal circulatory support through a rapid cardiac catheterization procedure. The TandemHeart System is designed to provide 5.0 lpm of flow in the cath lab without the need for cardiac surgery. It is FDA approved for up to six hours for procedures not requiring full cardiopulmonary bypass.

“There is no doubt this device will continue to be an invaluable tool for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons as the standard of care continues to elevate”, said Michael Garippa, President and CEO of CardiacAssist. “We are indebted to the more than 200 different physicians who have performed TandemHeart System procedures. It is gratifying that so many hospitals have adopted the TandemHeart System for patients in dire circumstances.”

The TandemHeart System is comprehensively reimbursed by Medicare under existing DRG codes. The device can be placed rapidly in the cath lab or operating room, providing systemic, reliable extracorporeal circulatory support, formerly only available by cardiopulmonary bypass for critically ill patients.


About CardiacAssist:
Founded in 1996, CardiacAssist, Inc. is a privately held, Pittsburgh-based medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative products designed to provide cardiologists and cardiac surgeons with minimally invasive solutions for providing extracorporeal circulatory support. Its vision is to help advance the treatment of heart disease by bridging gaps in current treatment methodologies.

This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements that relate to CardiacAssist’s future business and financial performance. Such statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual events or future results to differ from those discussed herein.

Media Contact:
Monica Bush, CardiacAssist, Inc.