Ventus Medical

Innovative smoking cessation products

Ventus Medical specialises in the innovation of novel inhalation and nicotine replacement smoking cessation technologies. Their goal is to address the significant public health challenges that arise from smoking and tobacco addiction, by realising safe and effective therapeutic products that can be deployed to reduce morbidity and mortality, and improve the quality of life of the general population.

In order to deliver the best outcomes and create nicotine replacement therapy products that safely help to stop smoking cravings, their team of dedicated specialists focus on their core pillars of Innovation, Regulation, Quality and Science to ameliorate the complexities of tobacco addiction and smoking cravings. Their ENHALE product has been granted European approved as a medical device and is aimed at helping those bound by tobacco addiction to stop smoking cravings and reduce associated risks.

CEO  Julien Lacour-Gayet

Advent Contact    Kaasim Mahmood

Advent Life Sciences led the Series A investment in to Ventus Medical.
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