Pheno Therapeutics

Developing remyelinating and neuroprotective therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

Pheno Therapeutics aims to identify novel remyelinating agents and develop transformational therapeutics that enhance the repair of damaged myelin sheaths in Multiple Sclerosis patients.

The company was founded by Advent Life Sciences and the University of Edinburgh to build on the ground breaking research of Prof Siddharthan Chandran and Prof Neil Carragher, world class experts in multiple sclerosis and stem cell biology, and phenotypic screening, respectively.

CEO  Fraser Murray

Advent Contact   Raj Parekh  I  Fraser Murray

Advent founded Pheno Therapeutics in 2019.
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13 January 2023 in Pheno Therapeutics, Press Release, Private Companies

Pheno Therapeutics Announces Worldwide License From UCB to a Novel Program for Neurodegenerative Disease

Press Release.   Preclinical program with potential for disease modifying therapeutic Edinburgh, UK January 11 2023 – Pheno Therapeutics Limited., a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of…
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18 February 2020 in Pheno Therapeutics, Press Release, Private Companies

New company takes aim at treatments for multiple sclerosis

Press Release.   Novel treatments that may reverse the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) will be investigated by a new drug-discovery company spun out from the University of Edinburgh. Backed…
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