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CellnovoPress Release

Cellnovo Introduces First Wireless Touchscreen Insulin Micro-pumps

By 5 October 2009January 6th, 2023No Comments
Press Release.


Pumps Offer New Levels of Portability and Ease-of-Use for People Living with Diabetes


Cellnovo announces the first wireless touchscreen insulin micro-pumps – two compact, innovative pumps that offer greater freedom, easy-of-use and health management to people living with diabetes.

The pumps, which are being introduced at the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) conference in Vienna, are approximately 60% smaller than leading insulin pumps and include an extensive set of intuitive, touchscreen applications that help improve diabetes management and control.

“In the past, insulin pumps have been large and difficult to use,”

explains William McKeon, Cellnovo’s Chief Executive Officer.

“They also require extensive training. We wanted to create a pump that was friendly and incredibly easy to use, so that pump-based therapy could reach as many people with diabetes as possible.”

The pumps include a number of industry “firsts,” highlighted by the first touchscreen operation; the first fully integrated set of diabetes management applications, including programmable Basal and Bolus, built-in glucose monitoring, a Food Library, and automatic journaling; the first, real-time Activity Monitor, which registers and stores information on the user’s physical activity; and the first insulin pump designed exclusively for children.

Two Programmable Models with Handset, Micro-Pump, and Customizable Applications

The Cellnovo pump family, which will be commercially available throughout Europe at the start of 2010, includes two models:

The Cellnovo 150 pump – a three-day adult pump that holds 150 units of insulin
The Cellnovo 50 pump – a three-day pump for children that holds 50 units of insulin and the first product in the world designed for the insulin consumption needs of children.

Each pump offers:

A wireless touchscreen handset that resembles a small mobile phone and operates via a color Graphical User Interface. Users tap the screen to enter, access, store, monitor, and send information in either portrait or landscape mode.

A discreet IPX8-waterproof patch pump that can be worn on the body in a number of different areas and is easily applied, removed, and repositioned. The pump also includes a built-in accelerometer that registers and stores user activity data.

A full suite of customizable applications, including programmable Basal, adjustable Bolus, temporary Basal, an integrated blood glucose meter, real-time Activity Monitor, Food Library, and an automatic Personal Journal. Together, these applications provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s diabetes management, leading to better therapy decisions and improved diabetes control.
Disposable, three-day insulin cartridges, each with a unique serial number stored by the pump to ensure a cartridge is only used once. Unlike competitive patch pumps, users only dispose of the cartridge, not the entire pump case.

A back-up pump and multi-device charger that enable users to wear one pump while charging the other.

In addition, the pumps include alerts and alarms that indicate low battery, low insulin levels and line occlusion.


Wireless Communication and a Mobile Backbone

The handset and micro-pump each house an ultra-low-power radio that enables wireless communication within a 2-metre range. The pump sends a signal to the handset twice a second, around the clock. If out of range, the pump can store information for extended periods. Equally important, the pump is linked to a mobile backbone, which offers virtually unlimited potential for future communication advancements and information sharing.

“We have only begun to realize the potential of our pump’s advanced technology,”

continues McKeon.

“Because our pump is as easy to use as a mobile phone, but offers sophisticated applications, precise insulin delivery, and wireless communication, we hope to put greater diabetes management literally at the fingertips of patients everywhere.”


About Cellnovo

Cellnovo is a London-based biomedical device company committed to bringing new freedom and ease of use to people living with diabetes. Our innovative insulin micro-pumps combine breakthrough proprietary technology with the latest communication and application advancements. Smart and extremely portable, they offer precise control of insulin through simple, intuitive operation. People with diabetes can efficiently manage their therapy while enjoying greater independence. For further information, contact William F. McKeon, Cellnovo at +44 (0)203 0581 250,