Investment Approach

The journey from innovative science to an approved medicine or product is long, difficult, complex and often fraught – we understand. We really do. Between us, our team has taken that journey many times, several of us more than once.

Our approach to investing and Company building focuses on:

  • understanding the true essence of the innovation and product concept
  • its competitive relevance in an evolving environment, and the most meaningful value-creation steps along the way
  • working in open communication with Founders and Executives, sharing our diligence and our team’s insights, to refine their business and operating plans
  • and, together, agreeing the scientific and clinical approach, the matching operating plan, team development, syndication, and financing strategy – the five key elements to building a great Biotech company

Once we are committed to a Company, a Founder or a Team, we pride ourselves on being loyal and pragmatic partners along the Company’s journey – constructively critical whilst being patient, supportive and aligned in our aims.

Advent Life Sciences. Innovation. Clarity. Execution.